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VANILLA HAZELNUT: The nutty goodness of hazelnuts mixed with rich buttery vanilla cream.


♥ 2.5oz. (70 g) Scented Wax Melts


♥ SOY BLEND ~ For the ultimate in scent output and fragrance load.

♥ PACKAGING ~ Labeled clamshell breakaways - always fresh - stackable for easy storage. Beautiful label designs make a great fill-in-gift or multiple packs offer a variety gift pack.


♥ USA ~ Our soy wax comes from soy beans grown by American Farmers to ensure a safe & renewable resource. The bonus is supporting local farmers.



Add one or two breakaways to your melter for a safe, easy way to fragrance your home, office, or play space. Safe to use in melters that are electric or use tea light candles as long as they were made to melt scented wax. Each cube offers approximately 8-10 hours of scent so one pack will last 48-60 hours based on using one cube at a time.



CLAMSHELL WAX MELTS - Vanilla Hazelnut

$4.95 Regular Price
$2.97Sale Price
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  • Soy wax has a low melt point and can melt when the weather is hot or if they are left in a vehicle during hot weather. They can be solidified again without hurting the product by putting in the refrigerator until solid. **Insurance will not cover candles because of melting.**


    We deliver  to the post office, but it is your responsibility to know the weather for your area and order responsibly.

  • If a product is defective contact us and we will either replace the item OR refund the cost of the item.


    Items are NOT returnable unless the product is defective.

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